"I, a fiend of darkness, will bring back the greed and hate and pain
that makes a proper world. To achieve this exalted task I declare myself
overlord of all I survey. ALL IS NOBLE DARKNESS!"

-- Rings of Zilfin slogan

Welcome to the Chronicles of Osgorth!

On this page you will soon be able to read a lot of nice stories about collecting computer games in general, and games by SSI in particular.

I will also present my full collection of games, and I'll have a pretty large trading section for items I don't need anymore. You will also be able to post trade ads for your own games, as well as want-lists and such things. The only thing lacking at the moment is time to prepare the site; I've just registered the domain and got a webspace, but nothing has been completed yet as far as the page design goes. Bear with me, it will be done, it's just a matter of time. :)

In the mean time, if there's anything you would like to chat about, feel free to drop me a line. As always, I'm very interested in hearing about any SSI and/or Rapidfire titles that you may have for trade or sale!